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Prepare yourself to journey down a dark road, fraught with danger and plagued with friendship. Created by Tim Lange in his project, Tim'sQuest. SwampTown serves to demonstrate game design and programming principles under extreme time constraints (10 work days + post production).  The inspiration for both game and setting came from the song Shia Lebeouf by Rob Cantor.

If you are interested in more games or updates, then feel free to follow Tim at #timsquest on Instagram.

For a summary of how this game was built, check out  #timsquest on YouTube.

For a more detailed analysis, you can read about the project on LinkedIn.


Install instructions

There are two versions available for download. If you have a Mac, then choose the download link with MAC in the title. The download is in a zip folder, so you will need to unzip the folder before you can play.  For Windows, the game can be run by double clicking the swamptown.exe file within the folder. Windows may give a warning about certifications, but it is ok to ignore this.


SwampTownBeta_v3.zip 370 MB
SwampTownBetaMAC_v3.app.zip 375 MB

Development log


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